Why Choose Mid Ohio Golf Car

We know you have many choices when looking to buy a golf car, but why should you buy from Mid Ohio Golf Car?

We're Family Owned

Mid Ohio Golf Car has been operated by the same family for 24 years, and many of the current staff members have been here since the beginning. Our team has 168 years combined experience in the golf car industry, and it shows!

Mid Ohio Golf Car

Great Location

Our main location has been in Columbus, Ohio since 1995.

Mid Ohio Golf Car
2333 Hebron Road
Heath, Ohio 43056

Our Selection

There are many other dealers out there who deal in everything from landscaping equipment to used automobiles. Mid Ohio Golf Car ONLY deals with golf cars! We have the largest selection of new Yamaha and Star cars in the Midwest, all on display at our 6,500-square-foot showroom in Columbus.

Columbus Location

Columbus Location

Service Expertise

Our service department is ready to tackle any job, and we'll do it right the very first time! But just in case something does go awry, we warranty our work for 30 days and will fix any issues related with our repair.

Competitive Pricing

We know our customers shop around, and you should to make sure you're getting the best price! Many of our customers shop online for parts and accessories, but are surprised when our pricing is less. We buy in bulk and also have a long standing relationship with our vendors, which means better pricing for you! Whether you come in to buy a golf car, parts, or accessories, we’ll work with you to fit your budget!